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Cow Play allows players from anywhere in the world to sign up for free and begin playing chess right away. Games on CowPlay are primarily correspondence time based with players allowed from 3 to 14 days per move. With a massive selection of chess variants including MetaChess variants that will test your skill like never before.


  • Free to signup and play straight away.
  • Correspondence time based chess with various options.
  • Play many games at the same time.
  • All games stored for future viewing and review.
  • Choose from 12 different and challenging chess variants, rarely available on other sites.
  • Elo rating system, start as 1200 and climb the leaderboards.
  • Incremental/Fischer time controls.
  • Vacation mode available for times when you can't play.
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Release Date:

November 2003





The first online games site Hunted Cow Studios created, initially started to cator for more board games the site is now soley dedicated to chess.

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