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Set in a mythical fantasy land you take control of either the ‘Order of Light’ or the ‘Demons of Hell’ and battle for supremacy across many different battlefields and environments. The game features stunning visuals and is aimed at both PC and iOS release with cross platform multiplayer functionality. Each unit in ‘Hell’ has been carefully designed to have a specific role in the battle, with various strengths and weaknesses determined from their unique abilities and traits.


  • Explore vibrant fantasy realms, play through gorgeous vistas from lush forests, swamps and Hell itself.
  • Get into the action with intense skirmish combat, and use your tactics to outsmart your opponent.
  • Myriad layers of strategic features including, terrain characteristics, support units, zone of control, level up bonuses and special abilities!
  • Control a vast array of units from powerful Paladins and Gryphons to Demonic imps and Giant Behemoths from the very depths of Hell.
  • Your troops gain experience from successful attack and defend actions which can provide important boosts to units mid-battle.
  • Command an elite group of soldiers in an epic story driven campaign featuring both the defense of the realms of men and the invasion of Hell!
  • Varying mission objectives require a range of strategic skills, protect bases from being overrun, capture and control key points or simply wipe out the enemy forces.
  • Online Multiplayer, play against your friends or strangers in a wide array of multiplayer maps.
  • Quick to learn but an eternity to master, the depth and richness of the game contributes to a lasting appeal.
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Release Date:

November 2014

With an epic single player campaign traversing 20 unique levels, do you have what it takes to vanquish the forces of ‘Hell’?

Hunted Cow Studios Ltd Slitherine Ltd
Build 20221107