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Godzilla x Kong - Titan Chasers


This world never belonged to us. It always belonged to them.

It is a time of monsters!

Join the Titan Chasers - elite explorers, mercenaries and thrill-seekers - and step onto the shores of the Siren Isles, an untamed new ecosystem forged by the Rise of the Titans. Battle for survival and control on the edge of civilisation.

Face epic monsters like the Mother Longlegs, Rock Critters and the deadly Skullcrawlers. Witness the fury of Godzilla and Kong, and join the fight against colossal predators.

The Monsterverse comes to life in Godxilla x Kong: Titan Chasers; a 4X MMO strategy game where you will take your place among legends!


  • Explore a stunning 3D map featuring multiple biomes. Defeat classic and brand new superspecies, rescue survivors, and seek out the resources you need to survive against the forces of nature - and rival Chaser factions.

  • Recruit elite Chasers to lead your forces, each offering their own set of unique skills to turn the tide of battle.

  • Use powerful Monarch tech to hunt, capture and study the Superspecies of the Sirens. Rank up and learn how to unleash their ferocity in battle!

  • Embark on thrilling expeditions and test the mettle of your squads in strategic, turn-based RPG combat. Delve into the dark secrets of the Sirens in the main story campaign, or fight as your favourite Superspecies in the monster vs monster campaign!

  • Forge powerful alliances, expand your territory, and secure critical landmarks with your friends. Bring your forces together to join the fight against monster swarms and gigantic beasts.

  • Turn an abandoned, overgrown outpost into a formidable stronghold. Build up your forces and level up your tech to become a power player within this new frontier.