Hunted Cow Games becomes publisher for HexWar Games strategy titles

14 August 2023

Hunted Cow Games is excited to announce our collaboration with HexWar Games, as we are now becoming their publisher!

Take a deep dive into their compelling historical themed turn based strategy games across mobile and PC.

HexWar Games most notable titles are: Tank Battle: 1944 and Civil War: 1863

Tank Battle: 1944 is also now available on the Epic Games store which you can access here: 

Furthermore, we are releasing their latest game Civil War: Atlanta on PC (Steam), iOS and the Mac App Store. You can get the different versions here:

You can get a list of all the current games on the following platforms here:

Please note that we are publishing and providing support for the HexWar Games but development will still be done by their team.

We hope you enjoy embarking on new adventures through the HexWar Games!

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