Our Brand New Brand

5 December 2022

It may not be the new year yet, but everything else is new at Hunted Cow! We're extremely excited to reveal our fresh new brand identity and website.

This change has been a long time coming. Our old logo had been in place since the formation of the company in 2003. It's been through a few variants since (mostly because we kept losing track of the old files and fonts), but finally it's time for a new look that better reflects who we are today, and the energy we're bringing into our future!

We owe a lot to Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated for patiently working through the rebrand and new site design with us. After almost twenty years of our former logo, it was hard to say goodbye - and even harder to pin down a new direction. Battles were fought over colour and the tiniest details were picked over. But in the end, we couldn't be happier.

The new threads are pretty sweet, too!

The Hunted Cow team standing in a group in front of their studio, wearing new black and orange hoodies with updated Hunted Cow branding.

The Clue is in the Name

On top of the visual overhaul, there's another change. Hunted Cow Studios is now Hunted Cow Games!

This might seem obvious - after all, if you're on our website, you probably already know what we do. But while "Studios" sounded very smart and professional back in 2003, it really doesn't describe us that well. We make games. That's what we do, so we decided to put it on the tin.

Website Makeover

As a small team, things like updating the website were always put on the backburner. We were starting to get positively embarrassed around recruitment time; not only was our website not telling potential hires anything about who we are, it wasn't doing our games any justice either. We've fixed that by putting our games front and centre where they belong - although if you do want to know a little more about our history and our team, you can find that too!

Another big thank you goes to Mike at CodeThirtyTwo for developing this awesome website (into something we'll actually be motivated to keep up to date!)

Moo-ving Forward!

Our mission hasn't changed. We still aim to create accessible, engaging games that are easy to pick up but reveal layers of depth and strategy for experienced players. We still love to prove that small teams can make big games. We just look a little more polished while doing it.

We've already started rolling out the new branding across our games and social media accounts. Our new website launch means the biggest chunk of work is officially done, but there's always more to do. Check out our brand asset kit for updated marketing materials, and if you have any questions, get in touch at [email protected].

Our Community

Join the Herd!

You'll find us on most of your favourite platforms, so why not drop by and say hi, we'd love to hear from you?